People of the World, Thank you! ! From Japan.

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Soon it will be coming the second 3.11 since that Earthquake.
And it were tears for the second time I showed since that Earthquake,when I watch this video that many famous people who according to the call of Ken Watanabe pleasantly calling to Japan and Japanese.

There was also Clint Eastwood who I never ceases to love and respect.
At First I know the News on the radio. I never see Television, but watch the movie^^

When the announcer call out that Tokyo’s very dangerous!!,I was laughed in the nose that Urbanites is exaggerated.
I have lived in the countryside near KOBE where KOBE’s Beef is famous that we poor can’t eat hard^^; and where large earthquake has also occurred into the city in 1995.

I stopped the radio quietly that keep on calling out ,without I don’t know that after a few day,I know that a very dangerous situation have occurred In Japan,and I would be glued to the TV!!

I could have the imagine what is occurred In Japan, because I have experienced the earthquake and watch the city of Kobe which became unreasonable and shocked that Kobe which I know had been lost.
The First tears I showed was when I watch on Youtube that house and people that have been washed away miserably in the tsunami.
Old Japanese boys never cry,because we think it shame.
Special thanks,Google and Google Japan.
They launched immediately the emergency board!!
But the little girls worked at Google Japan boring at all.
The blissful guys flocked to them who have submitted “Today’s lunch is ,,,”
This is Japan and Japanese that I know!!
That the miserable, these scenes, in the social media of Japan, commonly seen.
By the way,the foreign anchorman et al. keep on reporting on Youtube that the Fukushima nuclear power plant to discharge the SDF.
I can not believe that TV media other than the NHK stopped Broadcast.
Sorry, I want to say that there still be,but I do not have an infinite amount of time.
If you are interested me,please follow My Tumblr.
What I want to say is that thank you that Many country pay attention to Japan and Japanese!!
I think that they are occurred by Japanese people who acted in the international and the people like Anime Creators and only a little The power of government development assistance has been.
My Hope is that you keep on paying attention to Japan and Japanese.
I think myself funny and fun guy,but serious when serious’m going.
GOOD BYE Everyone!! All over the world!! GOOD LUCK!!

The Last,I cannot believe the Utopia,My Favorited Japanese Singer and Song Writer ,Motoharu Sano songs that
“When you are fighting the War ,if you are poor – – – – – Christmas will come to all people!!”

My English even though they have the wrong, please forgive me.

From Kazuo Ito – Google+ – Soon it will be coming the second 3.11 since that Ea…

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