[ Japanese social media report ] Marx said that “A specter is haunting Europe ― the specter of communism. ” On Manifesto of the Communist Party. But we have to say that “A specter is haunting Japan ― the specter of Zenkyoto=全共闘.”

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Will Tachiiri (@tachiiri) analyzed that Japanese people don’t want to talk about politics.
But I think its different.

Japanese Internet world is filled with the political messages.
But most political message is not sense.

Simple unpleasant or satisfaction.
They will prevention the Social Media action of Japanese business.

And exits of them predict becoming a big problem after 2030.

Thank you, thank you for your message.
Your message taken us could not see without our tears for our real and true Bushi like Japanese Hollywood Star Ken Watanabe you called Samurai.

My grandfather i proud of never,ever fought you in World War 2 for resent Japanese GAKIDOMO.

I am very happy to have my proud grandfather who lived in Mage Age and fought as First Lieutenant in World War 2 but not my father as a small man.

I say again that thank you!

The Great Creator such Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruki Murakami is talking about Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

They run a risk that Sakamoto specially might lost his profession in Japanese crazy Journal Area fulled by a Zenkyoto World Words.

But Nobody in Japan hear them.
Because True Great Creator such them exits not major streets.
Do you know Zenkyoto that broken all of Japanese culture?

Haruki Murakami recent began saying Political Messege is one of Zenkyoto Generation himself.
He attack aggressive by juniors of them .

Have we who are presented Art Works from them needs to keep silence?
All the time?
How do we act ?

I’m very very angry.
Because Japan Society is now broken again by Zenkyoto juniors.

An Angry Young American Generation will grow up to people like Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
And In French they given damage changed their ideas to Post Modernist.

But Japanese Zenkyoto=全共闘 was gived nothing in Japanese Society, only broken and broken its.

They and their Sons is like simple Thinpira.
But terrifed us more than Japanese Yakuza.
Because they are terrifying nothing.

Kan Naoto is probably one of Zenkyoto Genaration.
Only maybe they have a mutual crush each other.

We bona fide Japanese never repeat again 40 years ago.

The way believing not Authority and toying with the political word using Internet as weapons.
We are watching just like their Fighting Fathers.

Leaving this situation alone , Japanese Society will have fall out.
And this thing may involve the world.

In Japan Real World and Internet World, Jealousy caused by these two generation is swirling now.

If you are interested in Zenkyoto=全共闘, copy and paste this word “全共闘” and research on YouTube.
Why do I it?

I don’t want to get involved in their trouble.

The last, please listening to this music as our KIBOU, HOPE.
上を向いて歩こう – EPLP
上を向いて歩こう - EPLP

The title of this music is “Living Upside”.
We now have a hardship,but we have to “Living Upside”.

Probably you have listening experience to this music.
But this music is different in arrangement from its.

The music you know is by Kyu Sakamoto.
We New Japanese people loving music listen to this music.



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